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Ae/APh 104a Homework Problem Set #1 ISSUED: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 DUE: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 (in class) 1/2 A microcalorimeter is designed to measure the power of an incoming pho- ton stream by converting it to a change in temperature in an absorber, which is subsequently converted into an electrical output signal by a sensor (usually a resistor whose resistance depends strongly on temperature). In order to return the system to equilibrium after a measurement, the absorber is thermally linked to a heat sink. A schematic of the operation of the ideal system is shown in figure 1. When the temperature of the measurement system is extremely low Figure 1: Schematic of an ideal microcalorimeter. (desirable for a high resolution device), the ideal assumptions of thermal isola- tion between components are no longer valid and complex thermal effects such as electron decoupling (thermal fluctuations between the thermometer lattice and its electron system) and absorber decoupling (thermal fluctuations within the absorber system) must be incorporated. In this problem, you will formulate and analyze a block diagram to model the performance of such a microcalorimeter. For small changes in temperature around an equilibrium given by ( T a ,T e ,T l ,V ), where ( T a ,T e ,T l ) are the temperatures of the absorber, the electron system and the lattice system, respectively, and V is the output voltage, the governing
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Ae104a10_problemset_1 - Ae/APh 104a Homework Problem Set #1...

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