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Ae/APh 104a Experimental Methods 2010-11 1 TOPICS TO BE COVERED 1. Introduction to scientific experiments: 1.1 What is a scientific experiment? 1.2 Why do we make measurements? 1.3 The role of theory, generalization and formulation 1.4 The road map for a successful experimental investigation 2. Basic concepts of measurement systems: 2.1 Generalized description of measurement systems 2.2 Physical laws in sensing 2.3 Methods of measurement 2.4 Correcting for interference 2.5 Measurement accuracy 2.6 Review of uncertainty and statistical analysis 2.7 Propagation of errors 3. Response of linear systems: 3.1 The order of a system 3.2 Lumped element modeling 3.3 Definitions and tools 3.4 Zeroth order systems 3.5 First order systems 3.6 Second order systems 3.7 Phasors 4. Review of electrical circuits and control theory 4.1 Basic concepts 4.2 First and second order systems 4.3 Linear filters 4.4 Operational amplifiers
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Unformatted text preview: 4.5 Fundamentals of control theory 4.6 Bridge circuits 5. Statistical and spectral analysis 5.1 Basic description of physical data 5.2 Random (stationary) data and signal analysis 5.3 Spectral analysis, correlations and Fourier transforms 6. Signal and its Conditioning 6.1 Types of signal 6.2 Digital techniques 6.3 Analog to digital converters (A/D) 6.4 Digital to analog converters (D/A) Ae/APh 104a Experimental Methods 2010-11 2 7. Sampling Theory 7.1 Sampling theorems in the time and frequency domains 7.2 Aliasing and the Nyquist frequency 7.3 Discrete Fourier analysis (DFT) 7.4 The Fourier Transform 7.5 Sampling strategies 8. Measurement Techniques and Transducers 8.1 Force and torque 8.2 Strain and stress 8.3 Pressure 8.4 Flow measurements 8.5 Temperature 8.6 Optical 9. Noise theory 9.1 Thermal noise 9.2 Low frequency noise 9.3 Shot noise 9.4 Interference...
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AeAPh104a_Course_outline_2010 - 4.5 Fundamentals of control...

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