hw7 - CS/EE 147 Assigned HW 7 Scheduling Guru Raga Due...

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CS/EE 147 HW 7: Scheduling Guru: Raga Assigned: 05/25/10 Due: 06/04/10, Raga’s mailbox, 1pm We encourage you to discuss these problems with others, but you need to write up the actual solutions alone. At the top of your homework sheet, list all the people with whom you discussed. Crediting help from other classmates will not take away any credit from you. Start early and come to office hours with your questions! Attention, graduating students: There will be NO final exam for you. Attention, everyone: There will also be NO late submissions allowed on this homework. 1 Warmup: Scheduling [10 points] Consider an M/GI/1 queue. In class, we saw that FCFS, LCFS, and Random scheduling orders all have the same distribution on the number of jobs in the system. How do they compare with respect to mean slowdown? Prove your answer. 2 Learning from our analysis [30 points] In order to develop some intuition for all the messy formulas we’ve derived for E [ T ] under various schedul- ing policies, let’s do some numerics. For this problem, consider an M/GI/1 queue with two different job size distributions: a Weibull with α = 1 , 0 . 5 . In both cases fix the mean equal to 1. Make two plots for each job size distribution. (Recall that E [ S ] is the mean slowdown.) (1 - ρ ) E [ T ] versus
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hw7 - CS/EE 147 Assigned HW 7 Scheduling Guru Raga Due...

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