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Probability and Algorithms Caltech CS150, Winter 2006 Leonard J. Schulman Problem set 1 Out Friday January 6. Due Friday January 20. Suggested references are listed on the course web page. You’re welcome to take advantage of other references. However, realize that some of the problems I’ll assign are “standards,” whose solutions might be found in textbooks, notebooks of older students, and so forth. Regardless of the source, don’t read existing solutions before turning in your work. This includes materials from previous offerings of this course. Collaboration: Unless a problem is marked “no collaboration,” you can work with other students in the class (I encourage it). But you should produce the Fnal write-up for submission alone, after all discussions, and if you worked with someone on a problem, you should list their name by your solution. You can discuss “no collaboration” problems with the TA or with me. I won’t usually discuss material over email.
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