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Here are some of the main points/themes/discussions in Campbell that you should study and know for chapters 1,5,6,16,13 and 4. I am listing the chapters in the rough order you were asked to read them. Ch.1: Mass Communication: A Critical Approach Definitions of culture, mass media and mass communication Importance of the printing press Media Convergence The linear model of mass communication and criticisms of this model Culture as a skyscraper Tendencies in “postmodern” culture Definition/understanding of Media Literacy Ch. 5: Television and the Power of Visual Culture What have been the debates about television’s positive versus negative impact? Quiz Show scandals and their impact Rise of TV News TV genres: situation comedy, domestic comedy, anthology dramas, chapter shows, serial programs Causes for decline of the network era—independent stations, VCRs and time shifting, Tivo and other “black box” technologies, cable Fin-syn rules Targeting the youth market Rating/share
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Ch. 6: Cable and the Specialization of Television Evolution of cable TV Must-carry rules Access Channels
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study guide - Here are some of the main...

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