PAPER 1 - In the CWs hit television show Gossip Girl many...

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In the CW’s hit television show Gossip Girl , many media concepts are used to make the show seem realistic. In this dramatic soap opera, enigmas, camera shots and character roles play a vital role in the production. Gossip Girl has quickly become a success due its reliance on conflict and complex storylines that intertwine. Based on the most recent episode “You’ve Got Yale”, binaries and character roles assisted in discovering the complete narrative structure of the show. Gossip Girl is a fabrication of the teenage life in New York City’s Upper East Side. The story focuses on Serena van der Woodson, her boyfriend Dan Humphrey, her best friend Blair Waldorf (who loves Chuck Bass), her mother Lily (who dates Dan’s father Rufus, although widowed by Chuck’s father Bart) and brother Eric. Gossip Girl is an open narrative because it tells a continuous story from one episode to the next, and large conflicts often take many episodes to fully resolve. There are many characters that are introduced to the show (teacher Rachel Carr) that can also be cast off temporarily (grandmother CeCe) or permanently (death of Bart Bass). Using a large cast, intricate story lines develop, consisting of secrets and lies, as each character has a relationship with the others. The characters shift in and out of narrative function, but they are all typically shown in each episode. One week, we may view Chuck as a brainless idiot as he leaves Blair behind, and the next we may love him for standing up to Jack. The time period of one episode usually ranges from a few days to a week. Gossip Girl emulates real life; when it is Thanksgiving in the U.S, it is Thanksgiving in the Upper East Side. The audience is presumed to have a memory of events in previous
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episodes and character relationships. One would not be able to follow along if decided to begin watching now. As in any other dramatic series, there is more than enough conflict and enigma codes to keep the viewers’ attention. Bart has just died, and in his will, he left his company in the hands of Chuck. Despising his father for never taking him seriously, he claims he doesn’t want it, and thus, automatically turning it over to his new legal guardian, untrustworthy Uncle Jack. Will Jack ruin the company?
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PAPER 1 - In the CWs hit television show Gossip Girl many...

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