essay 3 - Mens Health An Athletice that CooksCooker Not...

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Men’s Health “An Athlet ic e that Cooks Cooker Not only do I love when my older brother Danny cooks for me , but he greatly enjoys it also. A meal that stands out in my mind took place over Christmas break of my junior year. An enormous black pot, big enough for multiple servings , was resting upon the stove. I opened the lid and peered in over the rim . At once, a rush of sensations hit me in the face . My mouth began to water, and my eyes were saturated with hot, thick steam. My nose was overwhelmed by the amount of unfamiliar scents it was in interaction with. It smelled like a witch’s brew: broccoli, fingernails, cat fur, a shoe, ginger, and a beetle ; they were all unknown scents. Taken aback and with a scrunched up face I shriek, “What is this!” “It’s gumbo. So good,” Danny casually replies. “Don’t knock it before you try it, Meg.” People are always telling me this; that I judge things too soon. I want to act more grown up , so I sit at the counter and tell him I want to try it. Grabbing a red hot chocolate mug from the cupboard, he scoops white rice from the crockpot and a helping of “gumbo” on top of it. I looked at it cautiously, trying to identify the contents of this mysterious cuisine. “Stop picking at it, and just eat it,” Danny orders. I scoop a bite onto my spoon, and blow on it to cool it down. I look at my brother one last time, just in case he wants to admit to the witch’s brew. I close my eyes and put the concoction into my mouth. I chew and swallow the thick and spicy concoction. “Was that shrimp in there?” I ask, as I scramble for a glass of water.
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“Yeah!” Danny exclaims. “It’s shrimp, lobster, andouille sausage, onions, peppers, you name it!” He proceeds to tell me about his inspiration to cook gumbo came from his trip to Louisiana with my dad. In New Orleans, they dined at the Paul Prodommes restaurant, where he observed the chef’s flame on the pan and devoured rich, spicy seafood. Recalling this day, I am curious to know when my brother fell in love with food
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essay 3 - Mens Health An Athletice that CooksCooker Not...

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