Essay 2 - Essay 2 The Mug Head tilted back I notice the...

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Essay 2: The Mug Head tilted back, I notice the large University of Michigan flag blow ing proudly atop the Union. Stunning green ivy grows lusciously along the dark brick walls of the building. Taking the concrete steps two-by-two, I bump into a girl with a clipboard, seeking out people to sign up for an environmental club of some sort. Declining, but sharing a friendly smile, I pull open one of the heavy doors to the entrance of the Union. An enormous block M occupies the floor, and I proceed through a second set of large doors. I choose to veer right and continue down a steep set of dark stairs, with yet another door at the bottom. Hearing it slam shut behind me, I pass through an open area past the bookstore on my left and U-go’s on my right. I am now in “The Mug.” As I sit on an uncomfortable wooden bench, I am presented with three options for lunch: Subway, Wendy’s and Panda Express. The choice is up to me, but what am I in the mood for? I can’t help but be attracted to the brightly lit menus and signs. I look around waiting for something to happen. Something. Anything. Minutes go by. Nothing. Except for the menus, there’s not much to look at. No artwork. No interesting people. Just your ordinary food court on an ordinary day. Wooden tables for two are scattered around the square-tiled floor. Black wooden chairs, with ugly patterned cushions, have M (the same block one on the floor at the entrance) UNION carved into the backs. Individuals -- more men than women -- come and go to briefly pick up a meal. Whether a sandwich, a burger or Chinese, The Mug provides choices. The most popular preference is to order the food “to-go”. It makes sense, it being “fast- food” and all.
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From the three options, Subway appears to be the more healthy choice, although it is not at all. It promotes its fast food as both healthy and slimming. As a result of trying to make a profit, a restaurant that advertises itself as healthy and non-fattening ends up pushing unhealthy food choices on its customers. It appears this way because of the “healthy options menu”, Jared’s weight-loss story, and the large picture of tomatoes and lettuce, as if Subway is known for their salads. For this disguise, Subway appeals to
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Essay 2 - Essay 2 The Mug Head tilted back I notice the...

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