ass #1 - Scientific researchers must be careful when...

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Scientific researchers must be careful when conducting experiments because there are many guidelines and obligations to follow. Dr. Milgram’s Obedience to Authority experiment and the John/Joan case study by Dr. Money demonstrate many of these responsibilities. Replication is the repetition of a study to see whether or not earlier results are duplicated. For example, Dr. Milgram conducted his experiment many times, with different subjects, in order to conclude similar results of the teachers’ obedience. To confirm each experiment was conducted in the exact same way, standardization, the uniform procedures used in the administration and scoring of a test, were used. Dr. Milgram used many teacher subjects to determine how much they would shock the learner (with the learner yelling and experimenter demanding the teacher to continue). Dr. Milgram explained the instructions exactly the same each time and repeated “The experiment must go on,” and, “It is necessary that you continue,” when the teacher wanted to stop the experiment. Deception, in the terms of Milgram’s experiment, is a white lie told to the teacher subects. The teachers were told they were testing the learner subjects’ memory. They did not know they were truly the ones being tested on their obedience. Perhaps if the teacher subjects knew they were being tested on their obedience, they would behave in a different manner, thus leading to false results.
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ass #1 - Scientific researchers must be careful when...

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