ass #2 - 05359347 In Educating Peter we followed a third...

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05359347 In Educating Peter , we followed a third grader’s behavior over the course of a school year. We watched as he struggled to fit in with the other students, both mentally and physically. Not only was it difficult for Peter to focus himself and cooperate in the classroom setting, but also it was time consuming for Ms. Stallings to continually stop her lesson to calm Peter down. It took lots of time and patience to assist Peter, but by the end of the school year, huge transformations were made. According to Sternberg, analytical intelligence dealt with abstract reasoning, evaluation, judgment, and test-taking skills. (Weiten, 363) Peter’s judgments were very poor, and therefore wasn’t able to make the best decisions. For example, he would try to lick the other students during a presentation, and kicked a boy in the face, more than once, while playing outside. Peter wasn’t able to understand that he was disturbing the classroom setting. For abstract reasoning, Peter was able to make a connection between pictures and words. He could understand what the meaning of a picture was, and what it symbolized. (Educating Peter, 1992) Robert Rosenthal is a researcher on the experimenter expectancy effect, which are signals (sent from the observer to the subject) that may cause the subject to respond in ways that are consistent with the observers’ bias and confirm their expectations. When this happens outside a laboratory, it is called the Pygmalion effect. Rosenthal and his colleague Lenore Jacobson wanted to test this theory. At Oak School, they gave students from grades 1-6 an IQ test. The teachers were told it was called the Harvard Test of Inflected Acquisition in order for the teachers to assume different expectations of the students. (Rosenthal, 94-5)
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05359347 The results confirmed the theory of the experimenters. In every grade, the
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ass #2 - 05359347 In Educating Peter we followed a third...

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