ass #3 - In The Problem with Evan, we learned about a...

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In The Problem with Evan , we learned about a troubled boy and his relationship with his family. At age four, Evan was classified a “conduct disordered,” and it only got worse from there. At age eleven, he was often suspended from school for playing pranks, such as putting paint into his teacher’s coffee or smoking on school grounds. Letters were frequently sent home to notify his mother Karen and stepfather Mike about his aggressive behavior. (The Problem with Evan, 1994). He seems like a good kid on the outside, so what is the source of Evan’s resentment? In “Discovering Love,” Harry Harlow performed an experiment to evaluate the relationship between a mother and her child. Although a mother can provide primary needs such as hunger, thirst, and avoidance of pain, love develops as a secondary need. When compared to a wire mesh mother, the monkeys preferred a cloth mother, even if she didn’t provide milk. This is what Harlow calls contact comfort. His research found that bonding with the cloth mother was more important to the young monkeys than her ability to provide a primary need. The monkeys even became healthier, physically and psychologically when contact comfort was provided. (Harlow, 1958). In comparison to the monkeys, when there is a lack of contact comfort, Evan becomes angry, emotionally unstable, and agitated. Evan doesn’t receive hugs or attention from his mother or stepfather. As a result, he strives for their attention. Earning good grades at school doesn’t seem to be good enough, so he gets into trouble in order to receive negative attention. Although he knows there will be consequences for his mischief, he says he would rather have negative attention from his parents than none at all. (The Trouble with Evan, 1994). When Mike and Karen visited residents of the Portage Program, they revealed how they felt about affection from their own parents.
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Their advice was to give Evan lots of hugs a day and say, “I love you.”
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ass #3 - In The Problem with Evan, we learned about a...

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