people to know - ADLER stresses motivation for superiority...

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ADLER stresses motivation for superiority; universal attempt to improve oneself and master life’s challenges Inferiority complex everyone must overcome feelings of weakness in comparison to competition compensation efforts to develop own ability in response to inferiorities over compensation attempt to “conceal” own feelings of inferiority AINSWORTH attachment Securely: use parent as a safe base. May not cry when parent leaves, but seeks contact upon return Avoidant: unchange in attitude from parent to stranger Resistant: anxious when mother is near, but not upset when she leaves, but not comforted when mother returns Disorganized: greatest amt. of kids. confusion. mom is avoidant/ lack of sensitivity to child’s needs. kids not sure if they should approach parent; insecurity separation anxiety emotionally upset when mother leaves, increases ASCH Conformity Study Results- when people were alone, they got the answer correct, but in a group only 20% appeared to remain completely independent in their responses conformity social cognition initial impressions; a person presented w/ positive traits first was found to be more sociable, happier BANDURA reciprocal determinism internal mental events, external environmental events, overt behavior all influence one another see what we expect to see; place ourselves in places that confirm our beliefs BAUMRIND 4 parenting styles Authoritatian- Parent is restrictive, demands obedience, gives no explanations or insensitivity. Child is moody, easily annoyed Authoritative- Parent assumes control w/ flexibilty, gives reasonable Permissive- Parent is accepting w/ few demands & little monitoring. Child is Uninvolved- Parent is removed/hostile. spends little time or energy into parenting. Child is aggressive and has tempertantrums CATTELL studied traits using factor analysis correlations among many variables are analyzed to identify closely related clusters of variables developed 16 personality factors questionaire ex: reversed outgoing, reversed tense ELKIND adolescent egocentricism way of thinking the world is focused on them imaginary audience belief that everyone in the environment is concerned w/
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personal fable view self as unique/ heroic invincibility fable false sense that he cannot be harmed ERIKSON believes each lifespan stage involves a psychological crisis; transition is
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people to know - ADLER stresses motivation for superiority...

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