activism reflection - Womens Studies 240 Section 7 Phase 2...

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Women’s Studies 240 Section 7 February 16, 2009 Phase 2: Reflection Although all activists want social change, they go about achieving it in different ways. While all women are united under sexist oppression, the way they address the issues varies based on their race, background, and the goals they wish to achieve. The path taken to social change may differ, but their efforts lead to the same product of greater change for women. ACTUP (Group A) is an organization dealing with AIDS awareness and safe sex practices; Rabab Abdulhadi (Group B) is a women’s activist fighting for racial equality; Sistha II Sistha (Group C) is a community based organization dedicated to working with young African American and Latina women; the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) (Group D) is an umbrella group for many of the leading Black activist groups fighting for equality; and Sister Song (Group E) is a group dedicated to giving a voice to multiracial women. Upon reflection of the exploration phase, we have concluded that race is a dominating factor for all of our activist groups, providing a platform for their activist work. On a broader level, there are many commonalities between these organizations.
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activism reflection - Womens Studies 240 Section 7 Phase 2...

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