21w.034 review paper prep 2

21w.034 review paper prep 2 - 21W.034 Fall 2011 Cynthia...

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21W.034 Cynthia Taft Fall 2011 cbtaft@mit.edu Preparation for the Review Article Due Monday, November 7 th 1. Describe your revised topic. Identify the research question being addressed by the scholarly articles you have listed below. My revised topic is tobacco use; it affects a great portion of the population today. Though public campaigns in America have reduced tobacco use nation-wide, tobacco is a growing, socially accepted drug in other parts of the world like China, SE Asia, etc. The research question being addressed will concern the physiological short and long term effects tobacco has on the body. I will mostly address the consequences of smoking and perhaps ways that different societies are addressing the issue of tobacco. 2. Identify three additional journal articles that present recent (within the last ten years) research on your topic. Include complete bibliographic information and links. The new list should include a total of six journal articles relevant to your current topic. Due to the fact that schizophrenia is not a public health issue, I will provide six journal articles (Pubmed articles have links after I click my listed link) 1. Pérez-Milena, A., M. A. Martínez-Fernández, M. Redondo-Olmedilla, and C. Alvarez Nieto. "Motivations for Tobacco Consumption among Adolescents in an Urban High
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21w.034 review paper prep 2 - 21W.034 Fall 2011 Cynthia...

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