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(Frank) Xiao Zhu 21W.034 Cynthia Taft Wooden Crutches Before the last day of my inner-Mongolia vacation, I thought about how I should spend the last day in the plains. My friends chose to stay in the large city of Da Tong to attend the local holiday celebrations. However, I thought it’d be a better choice to rent a horse and trot over to a Mongolian village to “embellish” my vacation, as any good tourist would think. By mid-day, I found myself on a horse, which trotted under me toward an inner-Mongolian village. My horse-master and guide was a Mongolian resident. As a thirteen year-old, he was noticeably shorter than me. He always smiled modestly when he talked to me, and with his small hands, he would guide the horse with easy dexterity. I clung to the little boy’s back as we rode the same mount. The trek itself began awkwardly. The boy and I spoke no words as we rode. Finally, to break the silence, I decided to start a conversation. Hui shuo pu-tong hua ma?” I curiously asked. “Do you know how to speak Mandarin?” Hui.” He replied. He knew how to speak Mandarin, though in a broken accent—I was relieved. “What is there to do in the village?”
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“We are laying bricks today. The east wall of our home collapsed a month ago and my father needs my help to rebuild it.” This was unexpected. Not knowing what to say, I kept quiet, and another period of pure silence resonated between us. The horse reeked of some harsh scent, and as it trod on, I glanced at the horizon to take my mind off the scent. The bare, green plains that stretched for
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ARisingWall - (Frank Xiao Zhu 21W.034 Cynthia Taft Wooden...

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