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Cigarette Brochure pt. 1

Cigarette Brochure pt. 1 - most likely be in public and...

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(Frank) Xiao Zhu Cynthia Taft 21W.034 Summary   Describe your topic (e.g. west nile virus) and audience (e.g. adults) and distribution location (e.g. US post offices in  suburban locations). Links to sample brochures will be posted under Materials on Stellar site. My topic is on cigarette labeling and health warnings against smoking. This is a topic that addresses the effectiveness  of cigarette labeling on curbing the population from smoking. The location that my brochure will be distributed will 
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Unformatted text preview: most likely be in public and private health clinics, gas stations that sell cigarettes and convenience stores that sell cigarettes. The audience of these brochures will be adults that are contemplating smoking (whether beginning to smoke or deciding to quit)....
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