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(Frank) Xiao Zhu Cynthia Taft 21W.034 Critical Review: PBS “Nova Science Now” Central Idea : The PBS “Nova Science Now” video shows the effects that sleep may have on the human brain, revealing key factors as memory and daily mechanical functions that may be influenced by a lack of sleep. What I wish to examine is the effectiveness of this video in its main purpose: to educate the audience in sleep sciences and the importance of sleep in everyday life. The video achieves this goal through visuals, graphs, and layman’s view analyzations of ethos-backed scientific work. My critical review will focus on the pros and cons that these effects offer. Mostly, I will describe how the video presentation would be more effective than, for example, a scientific paper published for the intended audience of medical professionals in reaching the general public. Key Points and Evidence : 1. Video is more understandable to the layman a. Video condenses the important facts into a small, digestible 13 minute video (scientific papers
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Unformatted text preview: have articles with a lot of small text and unneeded information. b. Video describes the scientists’ backgrounds before engaging in their work (papers do not require this, and assume that the researchers behind the study are well known) 2. Video is more entertaining, thus audience is more engaged a. The introduction to the “Nova Science Now” video utilizes weird animations that match the speaker’s descriptions and gives readers a good visual on “dreams” (papers lack this visual stimulation) b. Machines like “The Deprivator” are defined and described (research tools in papers are not defined) 3. Moving videos are more relatable than pictures that may be in a paper 4. However, videos lack information that gives a more steady knowledge on the subject (there is not enough time to cover all that is needed to cover in papers perhaps)...
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