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Denise Che Review Paper - 21W.034 Fall 2011 Cynthia Taft...

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21W.034 Cynthia Taft Fall 2011 Workshop #3 Perspectives on Medicine and Public Health Workshop #3 Workshop groups for review articles: 1. Andrew, Denise, Frank 2. Paul, Joanna, Stephanie 3. Chadd, Perla, Ashley 4. Chae, Brandon, Jenna 5. Cindy, Meg, Stacy 6. Diane, Judy, Corey Begin by scanning your partner’s review articles, noting the structure and the focus. Then, take a look at the questions listed below. Keep these questions in mind as you read the review articles and write your comments. Use each question as the point of departure for a thoughtful response (“yes” and “no” answers are of little value to your partners). Your finished responses should add roughly 500 words to the original questions. When you are satisfied with what you have written, post your comments on the homework matrix for the review article (see homework for Monday, November 14 th ). Remember that your comments are intended to help the writer create a more compelling version of his or her review article. Be tactful and complete. Before you begin writing, be sure to read the writer’s status report (following the list of works cited). 1
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Review Article Questions to Consider Keep in mind the distinctive audience identified by the writer. 1. How effective is the introduction? Is the introduction gauged to the interests and expertise of a professional in this general field?
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Denise Che Review Paper - 21W.034 Fall 2011 Cynthia Taft...

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