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Solubility FlowChart Formula of Salt Identify cation and anion (5 exceptions noted Salt contains NO 3 - in your handout) HCO 3 - , ClO 3 - ClO 4 - or acetate anion. Yes soluble or group 1A metal ion or NH 4 + ion No No Cation is No Anion is Cl - , Br - or I - ? Yes Pb, Hg(I), Ag Yes “insoluble” Yes Cation is No Anion is SO 4 2 - ? Ba, Sr or Pb
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Unformatted text preview: ? Yes No insoluble Cation is No Anion is S 2-? Yes Ca, Ba, Sr, Mg ? No Yes Yes Anion is O 2-or OH-? Cation is Yes Ba, Ca, Sr ? No No Anion is CO 3 2-,SO 3 2-, yes AsO 4 3-BO 3 3-, C 2 O 4 2-, insoluble PO 4 3-? No Salt not in this set....
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