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REL 228/MGT 228 Business, Ethics, and Society Prof. Douglas Lamont WEEK NINE: LECTURE/DISCUSSION Theme for the week: “Get me somebody hot—a sexy blonde. Get rid of the unattractive saleswoman . . . Get those women off the golf course.” I. Male bunker mentality . No legitimate reason for firing . A top executive of L’Oreal ordered the regional sales manager for Macy’s in San Jose to fire a saleswoman for not being sexy enough. The latter was one of the region’s highest-selling sales associates. The regional sales manager had been sales manager of the year. When the later refused to fire the unattractive saleswoman, the regional sales manager got reprimanded for errors and oversights. The regional sales manager said L”Oreal had violated California’s fair employment law, which bars sexual discrimination, and it was illegal for L’Oreal to retaliate against her. The California appeals court accepted her arguments. Her refusal to carry out the order of a higher executive is protected activity. “This case is a very clear statement that directing a woman be fired based on sexual attractiveness is sexual discrimination when those same standards are not being applied to men,” says Jennifer Brown, legal director of the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund. The exceptions are for fashion models and movie stars. When it comes to social change, the law sometimes leads, sometimes follows, and sometimes trots alongside . In 1962 Martin Luther King said: The law cannot make a man love me. But it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important.” The freedom to exclude . The first amendment of the U. S. Constitution guarantees freedom of association and protects the right of private clubs to discriminate. Thus Augusta National Golf Club can be (and is) an all-male golfing society, and it can exclude Martha Burk from membership and the Masters Tournament. Augusta is not impervious to the world outside; it now has six black men out of 300 as members. The average age of the members is 78 and the average handicap is 13.2. And wealth is the common denominator. As Hootie Johnson, the controversial Augusta chairman said: Augusta is a private club , and it should be able to set its own rules similar to the Boy Scouts notwithstanding Title IX, women’s sports, and the nation’s attempt to eliminate discrimination against female athletes. Source
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Rel228weeknine - REL 228/MGT 228 Business Ethics and...

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