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The Lifeboat Game A’Level Sociology: An Introductory Lesson The Lifeboat Game/5/9/96/P.Covington/ Exercise One: The Lifeboat Game: A passenger liner is wrecked at sea and these 15 people find themselves together in a lifeboat. The lifeboat however, can only support 9 people. If six are not eliminated everyone will die . If you were in command of the lifeboat, whom would you choose to survive? You are required in-groups of 2 to reach a joint decision as to which passengers will be eliminated. 1. A doctor. GP. He is addicted to drugs, and very nervous, aged 60 2. A black Minister, Protestant, Age 27 3. A prostitute, no parents. She is an excellent nurse. Has already saved a drowning child. Aged 36 4. A male criminal. Charged with murder. He is the only one capable of navigating the boat. Aged 37 5. A man mentally disturbed, who carries important government secrets in his head, aged 41 6. A salesman. He sells automatic washing machines. Member of the local Rotary Club. Aged 51. 7.
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