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ws1_3dev - explain criminal behaviour(4 5 Identify and...

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Module 2536 Crime and Deviance Specification Area(s): Defining crime and deviance, their social construction and relativity You will need: Kirby et al (“Sociology in Perspective”) p. 311 -318 Total Marks: 25 1. Identify the main difference between sociological and non-sociological theories of crime and deviance (1) 2. How does Lombrosso’s theory of “biological inferiority” explain criminal behaviour (4) 3. Identify and explain two criticisms of Lombrosso (2) 4. How does Eysenck’s “introvert / extrovert” psychological theory
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Unformatted text preview: explain criminal behaviour (4) 5. Identify and explain two criticisms of Eysenck (2) 6. How do modern physiological theories explain crime (3) 7. Identify and explain two criticisms of do modern physiological theories (3) 8. How do modern psychological theories explain crime (3) 9. Identify and explain two criticisms of do modern psychological theories (3) Power and Control www.sociology.org.uk...
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