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Module 2536 Crime and Deviance Specification Area(s): Defining crime and deviance, their social construction and relativity You will need: Kirby et al (“Sociology in Perspective”) p. 311 -318 Total Marks: 20 1. Using an example to illustrate your answer, explain what is meant by a “medical model of deviance” (2) 2. Identify and explain two reasons why sociologists might be critical of “medicalised” explanations of crime and deviance (4) 3. Suggest and explain two reasons why people sometimes have a nostalgic view of crime in the past (4)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. How might Marxist sociologists explain the role of powerful social groups in the criminalisation process (4) 5. How do medical / psychological models of criminal behaviour fit commonsense understandings of crime and deviance (3) 6. Briefly explain why, according to Marxist sociologists, powerful social groups (such as the mass media) are more likely to propagate non-sociological explanations of crime (3) Power and Control
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