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Module 2536 Crime and Deviance 5 Specification Area(s): Social Reactions to crime and deviance and their consequences You will need: Kirby et al (“Sociology in Perspective”) p. 319 -322 Total Marks: 20 1. Briefly define labelling theory (1 mark) 2. Using Becker’s ideas to illustrate your answer, explain why labelling theorists argue deviance is not a product of what you do but of how people react to what you do (5) 3. Define “stigma” (1) and briefly explain its significance to labelling
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Unformatted text preview: theory (3) 4. Why should we not assume deviance is an “homogenous category” (2) 5. How would labelling theorists respond to the arguments put-forward by non-sociological theories of deviance (4) 6. For labelling theorists, why is it not possible explain crime by identifying common characteristics shared by “criminals” (4) Power and Control
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