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ws1_17d - 5 Identify and briefly explain Left Realist’s...

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Module 2 Crime and Deviance 17 Specification Area(s): Solutions to the problem of crime You will need: Kirby et al (“Sociology in Perspective”) p. 357 -360 Total Marks: 25 1. Why do Lea and Young argue it is rational for some groups in society to fear crime (2) 2. Why do Lea and Young argue that official crime statistics may be both reliable and valid (3) 3. Explain Lea and Young’s main criticism of “Left Idealism” (2) 4. Identify and briefly explain Walklate’s 3 main ingredients of a “realist victimology” (4)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Identify and briefly explain Left Realist’s “3 related factors” in any explanation of crime (6) 6. Summarise Lea and Young’s solutions to criminal behaviour based on the following: a. Community policing (2) b. Police involvement (2) c. Social change (2) 7. What types of crime, does Heidensohn suggest, should women most fear (1) 8. What social policies, does Heidensohn suggest, have the greatest effect in reducing female fear of crime (1) Power and Control www.sociology.org.uk...
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