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a10 - in $1.5 Asymptotes(in 3.6 are simply extension o±...

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MAC 2233/001-006 Business Calculus, Fall 2011 CRN: 81700–81702, 81705, 81716, 81715 Assistants : Matthew Fleeman, Arbin Rai, Tadesse Zerihun, Vindya Kumari, Junyi Tu, Jing- han Meng Week 10 , 10/24/2011 Section 3.5 Optimization problems II - business and economic applications. Examples: 16, 34. Section 3.6 Asymptotes. Examples: 4, 6, 25 (altered), 32, 36. Section 3.8 Differentials and marginals (again!). Examples: 14, 36. Notes 1. The drop deadline is coming. Students are welcome to talk with me if they wish to have my input on their progress of the class. 2. We only managed to complete § 3.4 last Friday; so we shall start § 3.5 on Monday. 3. We have talked about “infinite limits” and “limits at infinity” when we talked about limits
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Unformatted text preview: in $1.5. Asymptotes (in § 3.6) are simply extension o± those concepts. 4. We shall be skipping § 3.7 on curve sketching. We have talked about the monotone and concavity properties o± ±unction. We have also discussed the implication o± these prop-erties on the “shape” o± the graphs o± ±unctions. Section 3.7 is a detailed expansion o± these concepts, but since graphing calculators can do this job quite well, I have decided to skip § 3.7. 5. We have explained the meaning o± the marginals when we studied them in § 2.3. Parts o± § 3.8 is a repeat in that respect....
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