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Unformatted text preview: MAD 6206 Combinatorics I, Fall 2011 CRN #: 87401 MWF 12:55-1:45pm, PHY 120 Instructor: Stephen Suen Office: PHY356 Email: [email protected] Office hours: T 9-10am, R 8:30-10:30am (to be confirmed). Course Description We shall consider enumeration techniques in this class, and discrete combinatorial structures in its sequel (Spring 2012). Both classes serve as an introduction to combinatorics. At times, our introduction can be quite in-depth. 1. Building blocks: Basic counting principles, binomial and multinomial coefficients, equivalence principle, enumeration by listing possibilities. (1.5 weeks) 2. Distributions: Balls and boxes, functions, set partitions, multisets and integer parti- tions. (1.5 weeks) 3. Techniques: Inclusion–exclusion principle, generating functions. (2 weeks) 4. Permutations: cycles, ascents and runs. (2 weeks) 5. Binomial identities and hypergeometric series. (4 weeks) 6. Polya’s theory of counting. (2 weeks) 7. Probabilistic Method. (2 weeks) Text . There is no assigned text. If you wish to buy a book so that you can read more about....
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