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ENV2073_assignment1_stage1 - ENV 2073 Global Warming...

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p. 1/1 ENV 2073 Global Warming: Science and Politics of a Contemporary Issue University of South Florida Fall 2011 Writing Assignment #1 Prof J.A. Cunningham The first part of the group project that is due is a rough draft of the opening paragraph(s) of your paper . Here are the parameters: It is due on Thursday, September 8, at the beginning of class. The opening paragraph will count for 10% of your project grade. Each group should submit one hard copy of the paper’s opening. A single sheet of paper is fine (i.e., no cover sheet is required). Please make sure all group members’ names are indicated clearly. Your group can decide how much of the paper you want to submit at this point. The idea is to submit your paper’s opening or introduction, which may be as short as a single paragraph or may be up to several paragraphs long. In most cases, the opening will be a single paragraph. The main criteria for evaluating your opening will be: o Does it appear that the group is addressing the assignment?
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