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ENV2073_assignment2_overview - ENV 2073 Global Warming...

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p 1/4 ENV 2073 Global Warming: Science and Politics of a Contemporary Issue University of South Florida Fall 2011 Writing Assignment #2 Prof J.A. Cunningham Assignment Statement Work in teams of three students to answer one of the following questions: (1) Imagine that you are an advisor to a US Senator. A bill has been introduced into the Senate which would require the US to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by 15 percent (relative to 2005 levels) by the year 2020, and by 67 percent by the year 2050. Do you advise your boss (the Senator) to vote in favor of this bill, or against it? Explain why. As part of your argument, you must consider which is less expensive, mitigating climate change or adapting to climate change. (Your boss is particularly interested in this aspect of the problem because he is very concerned about the US economy.) (2) Imagine that the bill listed in question 1 has been passed and has been signed into law. The bill authorized the US Environmental Protection Agency to decide between a carbon tax and a cap-and-trade system to achieve the reductions targets. You are an advisor to the EPA. Which system do you recommend? Why? What details can you provide about what the system should look like? (For instance, if you recommend a carbon tax, how will the tax be implemented? If you recommend a cap-and-trade system, how will allowances be distributed? etc.) (3) Imagine that you are a US delegate to an international summit, the purpose of which is to develop a binding international treaty that replaces the expiring Kyoto Protocol. From your perspective as a US delegate, what should be the key provisions of the new treaty in order to guarantee US participation and ratification? Try to be specific, especially with regard to the requirements that will be placed on rapidly-industrializing countries like China, Brazil, and India. For whichever question you choose, be sure to support your opinion with evidence and with a logical, convincing line of reasoning. Deliverables and Due Dates The final product of this assignment will be a written report that your group submits by Tuesday, December 6. To produce this report, you will be required to meet the following deadlines. Thursday, Oct 20: I will inform the class of what group they will be in for paper #2. You don’t have to do anything for this part.
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p 2/4 Thursday, Oct 27: Submit a rough draft of the opening paragraph(s) of your paper . This opening should have a clear statement of your paper’s main point or main thesis. (10% of
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ENV2073_assignment2_overview - ENV 2073 Global Warming...

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