ENV2073_f10_exam2 - ENV 2073 Global Warming: Science and...

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p 1/3 ENV 2073 Global Warming: Science and Politics of a Contemporary Issue Fall 2010 Exam #2 University of South Florida Prof J.A. Cunningham Instructions: 1. You may read these instructions, but do not turn the page or begin working until instructed to do so. 2. This exam contains five questions, some with multiple parts. Answer any four. 3. Each of the questions is worth 25 points. The total number of points possible is 100. 4. Answer each question on your own paper or in a “blue book.” Make sure your name is indicated clearly. Staple your pages together if you use loose-leaf paper. 5. Write legibly. I can’t award you credit for something that I can’t read. 6. You are allowed to use your class notes, books that are indicated as “required” on the course syllabus, and/or materials that I posted for the class on Blackboard. Other materials are not allowed. 7. Laptop computers and other electronic devices are not allowed. Please turn OFF your telephone and all other devices that might disturb or disrupt the exam. 8. Time limit: 70 minutes. Stop working when asked. If you continue working after time has been called, you will be penalized at a rate of 1 point per minute. 9. I recommend spending about 15–20 minutes on each of the four questions you choose. This is not required; it is just my advice based on how long I think it will take you to formulate a reasonable answer. 10. Don’t cheat. Cheating will result in appropriate disciplinary action according to university policy. More importantly, cheating indicates a lack of personal integrity. 11.
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ENV2073_f10_exam2 - ENV 2073 Global Warming: Science and...

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