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ENV 2073 Global Warming: Science and Politics of a Contemporary Issue University of South Florida Fall 2011 Prof J.A. Cunningham Homework Assignment #2 Due Thursday, Sept 22 1. Complete the required reading for weeks 4–6. Include the recommended and supplemental reading if you choose. 2. Find an article from a print media source – that means a newspaper, magazine, or journal, NOT a web site – from the past 12 months that addresses the following question: “To what extent have human activities contributed to climate change since the start of the 20 th century?” Photocopy, print, or cut out the article so you can turn it in. Print out the whole article, not just a single page or an abstract. Include all bibliographic data for the article – where it was published, when it was published, who wrote it (if the authors are identified), what page it was on, etc. Do not use the same article that you used for homework #1. If you turn in a newspaper article, it must have appeared in the
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Unformatted text preview: print edition of the paper, and you must provide information about when and where it appeared in the print edition (date, page number). 3. Find the proper way to cite your news article according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association , 6 th edition. Write or type the citation in proper format so you can turn it in. 4. Write about a paragraph discussing whether the information in your news article is in agreement with the reading in Dessler & Parson’s book.  Give specific examples of how your article agrees or disagrees with Dessler & Parson.  Staple together your article, your citation, and your paragraph so that you can turn all of it in together. 5. Be prepared to discuss your article and summarize its most important points in class. This assignment is intended to engage you with the class material and to help you perfect the skills that you began developing on the first homework assignment....
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