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homework 4 - 4 Be prepared to stand in front of the class...

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ENV 2073 Global Warming: Science and Politics of a Contemporary Issue University of South Florida Fall 2011 Prof J.A. Cunningham Homework Assignment #4 Due Thursday, November 10 1. Complete the required reading for weeks 11 and 12. Include the recommended and supplemental reading if you choose. 2. Find an article from a print media source – that means a newspaper, magazine, or journal, NOT a web site – from the past 24 months that deals with either the question of carbon pricing (i.e., carbon tax or cap-and-trade) or international agreements related to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. 3. Bring your article to class on November 10. (Also, if necessary, bring it on November 15 and November 17…see instruction #4, below.)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Be prepared to stand in front of the class an make a 1-to-2-minute presentation in which you do two things: (a) summarize the main point(s) of your article; and (b) explain how your article is related to the reading assignments. Your presentation will be on either November 10, November 15, or November 17. You will probably not know ahead of time which is your assigned day. If you are absent on the day of your presentation, you will lose some or all credit for the assignment. Please make sure that your presentation is somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes. This will require you to distill the essence of your article, which is an important reading and learning skill....
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