CHEM 2OA3 - Fall 2009 (Stover)

CHEM 2OA3 - Fall 2009 (Stover) - Chemistry 2OA3: Organic...

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Chemistry 2OA3: Organic Chemistry INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Harald Stöver ABB 425; ; x24983 LAB COORDINATOR: Ms. Teri Gullon ABB 216; ; x23548 Chemistry 2OA3 is an introductory course in organic chemistry. Emphasis will be placed on the structures of organic compounds, their reactivity due to their functional groups, and on spectroscopic techniques used for structure determination. There will be examples relating these concepts to life sciences and other areas. The course consists of three lectures, one lab (three hours) every other week; one tutorial (two hours) every other week. COURSE MATERIALS RECOMMENDED TEXT BOOK: T.W. Solomons and C.B. Fryhle; Organic Chemistry, 9th Edition MOLECULAR MODEL KIT: Darling or Molecular Vision (bundled with 9 th Edition) LABORATORY MANUAL: Available on this Website LABORATORY NOTEBOOK: Hardcover, Duplicate Sheet version, Required (available in the bookstore) Academic Integrity / Academic Dishonesty Our course, like all courses at McMaster, operates based on the assumption of Academic Integrity. In contrast, academic dishonesty consists of misrepresentation by deception or by other fraudulent means and can result in serious consequences, e.g. the grade of zero on an assignment, loss of credit with a notation on the transcript (notation reads: "Grade of F assigned for academic dishonesty"), and/or suspension or expulsion from the university. It is your responsibility to understand what constitutes academic dishonesty. For information
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This note was uploaded on 01/03/2012 for the course CHEM 2OA3 taught by Professor Stover during the Fall '10 term at McMaster University.

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CHEM 2OA3 - Fall 2009 (Stover) - Chemistry 2OA3: Organic...

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