CHEM 2OB3 - Winter 2010 (Capretta)

CHEM 2OB3 - Winter 2010 (Capretta) - Chem 2OB3 CHEM 2OB3...

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Chem 2OB3 CHEM 2OB3 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II Course Outline: Winter 2010 Instructor: Dr. A. Capretta ABB-261A, email: Use this instead of ELM and to book appointments only. Laboratory Coordinator: Ms. Teri Gullon, ABB 301, email: Website: Available through ELM; Content: Chemistry 2OB3 builds on the foundation developed in Chemistry 2OA3; together they comprise a complete introduction to organic chemistry for scientists not majoring in chemistry. Emphasis is placed on the structure and reactivity of organic compounds using a mechanistic approach. Recommended Course Materials: Textbook: T.W. Solomons and C.B. Fryhle “Organic Chemistry”, 9 th Edition Molecular Models: Darling models (others okay – in Titles ) Lab coat: Available at Titles Mandatory Course Materials: Laboratory Manual: Available on website Laboratory Notebook: Hardcover duplicate notebook REQUIRED ( in Titles ) Safety Goggles: Available at Titles
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Chem 2OB3 Lecture Schedule: The following is a tentative lecture schedule:* Date Content Jan. 4 Administration, Alcohols from Carbonyls Ch 12 Jan. 11 Alcohols from Carbonyls; Aromatic Compounds
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CHEM 2OB3 - Winter 2010 (Capretta) - Chem 2OB3 CHEM 2OB3...

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