Syllabus-310-2-F2011(2) - Economics 310-2 Intermediate...

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Unformatted text preview: Economics 310-2 - Intermediate Microeconomics II Northwestern University Fall 2011 Instructor Todd Sarver Office: Arthur Andersen Hall, Room 347 Email: [email protected] (please include 310-2 in the subject line of all emails) Office Hours: TTh 11am–12pm Course Webpage (Blackboard): Lectures: TTh 9:30am–10:50am in the Leverone Hall Auditorium Teaching Assistants Guannan Luo ([email protected]) Office Hours: Wednesday 9am–11am in AAH 328 Robert Molony ([email protected]) Office Hours: Monday 1:30pm–3:30pm in AAH 328 Esteban Petruzzello ([email protected]) Office Hours: Friday 10am–12pm in AAH 328 Discussion Sessions The discussion sessions are conducted by the TAs. Their main purpose is to give you an opportunity to clarify your understanding of the topics discussed in the lecture. The most valuable function of the TAs is to answer your questions, both regarding problem sets and the course material more generally. There are a total of 6 discussion sessions for this course each week, 3 on Mondays and 3 on Fridays. The sessions are paired so that the material covered in the Friday sessions and the following Monday sessions are the same. Since capac- ities of the rooms are limited, I will post a sign-up list for choosing a session on Blackboard the first week of class. Below are the locations and times for the sessions: Luo Friday 9am–9:50am 2122 Sheridan Rd Room 232 Luo Monday 9am–9:50am Technological Institute A110...
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This note was uploaded on 01/03/2012 for the course ECON 310-2 taught by Professor Sarver during the Spring '08 term at Northwestern.

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Syllabus-310-2-F2011(2) - Economics 310-2 Intermediate...

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