AT_Collisions_M-11b - M-11b: Air Track Collisions...

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Unformatted text preview: M-11b: Air Track Collisions Name_______________________ Lab Worksheet Group member names__________________________________ 1 This sheet is the lab document your TA will use to score your lab. It is to be turned in at the end of lab. To receive full credit you must use complete sentences and explain your reasoning clearly. 1. Familiar yourself with the operations of the gliders on the air track. Make sure the distribution of weight is balanced so that both gliders remain nearly stationary (i.e., minimizing the acceleration) after adjusting the leveling screw. Adjust the air flow so the gliders move freely without rocking side to side. You may have to adjust the leveling screw multiple times. Describe glider motions:______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. Make sure that the photogates are plugged into the first two phone jack inputs in the PASCO interface module. 3. Check the length of the 10.0 cm fence that sits atop each of the two gliders. Length of 1 st glider fence: ________ ± ____________ Length of 2 nd glider fence:________ ± ___________ 4. Experiment I: First place the two photogates side by side. Now send a single glider back and forth three (or so) times (bouncing off the air track ends) while recording the passage time through each photogate, adjust the photogate heights and angles so that the passage times are nearly equal. Photogate 1 Photogate 2 Time 1 Time 2 Time 3 Approximately, what is the fractional loss in energy with each bounce?...
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AT_Collisions_M-11b - M-11b: Air Track Collisions...

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