UniformCircularMotion_M-6 - M-6 Uniform Circular Motion...

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M-6: Uniform Circular Motion Name_______________________ Lab Worksheet Group member names__________________________________ This sheet is the lab document your TA will use to score your lab. It is to be turned in at the end of lab. To receive full credit you must use complete sentences and explain your reasoning clearly. Follow all the instructions as given in the lab manual and the extra instructions given here. Mostly these extra instructions are about error analysis so read pages 10-13 in your lab manual. The numbered items do correspond to the same numbered items in your lab manual. Only do the experiment for one bob, either brass or aluminum. 1) Have each member of your group measure only one mass several times. Do you get the same exact value each time? Yes____No____ Write down the value and its uncertainty in the box below. If your measurements differ then find the average and standard deviation. If they do not differ assume an uncertainty at next decimal place. object
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UniformCircularMotion_M-6 - M-6 Uniform Circular Motion...

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