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Principles of Speech COMC 101 08 Ms. Lewis Course Reflection Assignment (Due Monday, December 5 th ) The Principles of Speech course is designed to not only acquaint you with the idea and processes of public speaking. All of the discussed concepts, interpersonal, and relational theories are said to have significant value to us all in our daily encounters and interactions. Some of the content learned here will be particularly useful to you in your respective future professional endeavors. In a full length two page paper , provide a summary of all that you have learned from the content of the DeVito text. Explain how the information each chapter provided will be potentially beneficial to you in the profession that you are planning to pursue (be specific). In your response, discuss the following and how they relate to your professional area of interest. Self-presentation skills How is presenting one’s self to others as confident, credible, likeable, and approachable, essential to effective human interaction?
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