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Unformatted text preview: Darian Weaver Jasmine McElroy Ho w a rd Un iv e rs it y S c h o o l o f Bu s in e s s Telephone! Fact vs. Myth (#1) When entering a university, you have to wait until your Junior Year of college to be admitted into a Business School of your selected university MYTH Actually, at Howard University, you can apply and enter the Business School, with business classes, as a Freshman in college (Not the case for many schools) Fact vs. Myth (#2) You have to have a 4.0 GPA all semesters of high school in order to get into a good college MYTH You want to have a good course load, a good GPA, and good test scores, but admission criteria can vary Fact vs. Myth (#3) You can apply for all the Freshman scholarships a college has to offer just by filling out the university’s application for admission FACT At Howard, your application for admission puts you into the pool for all Freshman scholarships Fact vs. Myth (#4) You are no longer eligible for scholarships after your Freshman year MYTH • • • • • University Scholarships (up to full tuition and fees) Honors program funding Donor Scholarships Trustee Scholarship Outside Scholarships Business Majors Offered • • • • • • • Accounting Finance Marketing International Business • with a concentration in another major Management • Hospitality Management Information Systems & Decision Sciences Supply Chain Management Student Organizations State Clubs Community Service Organizations Clubs based on Major General Interest Clubs Fraternities/Sororities Religious-based Clubs 21st Century Advantage Program • Team building skills • Management Team Leader (mentor) • Presentation Skills • Prizes • Opportunities for Scholarships • Leadership Skills • Nationwide Trips Sponsoring Companies of the School of Business Resume Tips No longer than one page Consistent formatting Professional Fonts List important accomplishments/skills/experience Update frequently Be honest! What links them all? FUN at Howard • • • Freshman Week • Parties • Social Activities • Amusement Park trip Homecoming • Celebrities • Concerts • Fashion Show • Comedy Show • Step Show • Poetry Cipher ResFest (Dorm Wars) • Dance team • Step Team • Games Where do you fit in? Questions? ...
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