Philosophy of Religion test guide

Philosophy of Religion test guide - PHILOSOPHY OF...

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PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGIONS: TEST 1, Part B. DUE: 02/22/11 Maher A Mirza- PHL1270 3. “If there is one image to depict Islam and Muslims, it is that of oppressed, gender-segregated women, covered by the veil. “ J.L. Esposito, Unholy War, terror in the name of Islam, p. 129. According to the Esposito, it is obvious that he is only speaking on behalf of his research which could be very possibly limited. This is neither to belittle his knowledge in general nor to degrade his efforts. I believe his opinion is based on one sided stories, namely media. However, as per my limited knowledge there are parts in Pakistan (the country where I am from) and I heard parts in Afghanistan that women are oppressed as implied in the text. This very example from Pakistan and Afghanistan does not justify the quote. It simply does solidify the argument that oppression does exist at a level which does not mean globally. Unfortunately, the negatives aspect is shared all over the media and the actual reasons, wisdoms, and logic are not shared. If what Esposito thinks is a fact all over the Muslim world, then I would expect only men to revert to Islam and not women. Since I was raised in Saudi Arabia and spent my most of my childhood there, I know for a fact it is true that women are not allowed to drive but they do own many real
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Philosophy of Religion test guide - PHILOSOPHY OF...

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