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Tacitus Tacitus (Marcus Claudius Tacitus) d. 276, Roman emperor (275–76). An elderly senator with a reputation for honesty and vigor, he was chosen by the senate to succeed the murdered Aurelian . He failed to restore the glory of the senate, and after reigning only a few months he died when on campaign in Asia. He was almost certainly murdered. Probus succeeded him Cobden, Richard Cobden, Richard , 1804–65, British politician, a leading spokesman for the Manchester school . He made a fortune as a calico printer in Manchester. A firm believer in free trade, after 1838 he devoted himself to the formation and work of the Anti-Corn-Law League . Campaigning both inside and outside Parliament (to which he was elected in 1841), he finally won over Sir Robert Peel , and the corn laws were repealed in 1846. After 1849, Cobden concerned himself chiefly with foreign policy, advocating nonintervention in Europe and an end to imperial expansion. He
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