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CRW Feature Piece - coming local artists A sticker-covered...

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Whitehouse 1 Anna Whitehouse Amanda Gonzalez-Moreno CRW 201 5 October 2010 Lilly’s Pizza The heart of downtown Raleigh is often considered to be five-points, where Glenwood intersects two winding, colonial-era streets. Squeezed between a NoFo and an eclectic coffee shop Lilly’s Pizza spills out onto the sidewalk lining Glenwood Avenue tempting the daily commuters with pitchers of cold beer and their infamously delicious homemade pizzas. A waist-high iron fence surrounds the crowded terrace, packed with too many tables and mismatched chairs, which gives way to a loud, hazy dinning room choked with smoke from the giant ovens and customers’ glowing cigarettes. Bizarre and usually racy paintings adorn the dirty yellow painted walls and mobiles of animals hang from the ceiling courtesy of Raleigh’s up-and-
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Unformatted text preview: coming local artists. A sticker-covered counter supporting an old school cash register and six beer taps separates the long rows of tables from the kitchen. The cooks themselves, decorated with dozens of tattoos, piercings, and dusted with flour, yell over the deafening roar the names of lucky patrons as their steaming hot pies are pulled out of the ovens. Lilly’s bohemian style and award-winning recipes attract every sort of person from college students and struggling artists to politicians and soccer moms and everyone in between. The combination of local pride, artistic flair, and fresh, organic ingredients come together to craft Raleigh’s perfect pizza....
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