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CRW Imagery Essay - toes refused to stretch in order to...

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Whitehouse 1 Anna Whitehouse Nia’s Red Cowboy Boots Every ounce of my seven-year-old attention was focused on getting up the ladder to our backyard tree house as quickly as possible. My best friend led the way. I looked up just in time to see the heel of Nia’s bright, red cowboy boot slip off the rung above me and come speeding towards my face. The warm, metallic taste of blood mingled with the sweet flavor of freshly cut grass filled my mouth before I even recognized the pain. The solid, dark brown wood of her heel continued upward without any hesitation, with the intoxicating smell of leather lingering for only a second longer. Those boots allowed Nia to be courageous, dangerous, and powerful. Her tiny feet were hidden within the soft red leather each day, regardless of her outfit; she favored colorful floral dresses, never long enough to conceal her commanding red cowboy boots. I once tried, in vein, to cram my awkwardly large feet into the puzzling leather shoes, unfortunately the triangular
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Unformatted text preview: toes refused to stretch in order to accommodate my round toes. My mother referred to the pointed toes of the boots as “sharp enough to kill a cockroach in a corner,” a saying I found delightfully perilous. Delicate yellow stitching crawled intricately over the well-worn leather gracing the threatening red with a kiss of femininity. However dainty the thin yellow lines they did not hold Nia back from our wild adventures in the thick woods behind my house. Stomping through crunchy, dry leaves she would jump creeks and scale trees with the slightest of ease, all the while protected by her impervious red boots. I followed enviously, my feet clad in lowly tennis shoes, brown from hours of playing outdoors. Nia eventually outgrew her mysterious boots and traded them in for flip-flops and soccer Whitehouse 2 cleats. Nevertheless the impressions left behind by those cherry-brown soles will forever illustrate the memories of my childhood best friend....
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CRW Imagery Essay - toes refused to stretch in order to...

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