Non-Fiction - Whitehouse 1 Anna Whitehouse Amanda...

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Whitehouse 1 Anna Whitehouse Amanda Gonzalez-Moreno CRW 201 9 October 2010 Snowboarding Requires Crutches “Orange beanie, orange beanie, ” I think to myself, Chuck is wearing an orange beanie. I stand at the entrance to Jack’s, the food court at the base of Copper Mountain, gazing out over the sea of tourists clothed in their annual snow gear, much of which went out of style with acid- wash jeans and leg warmers. The boys had promised to meet me this morning so we could ride together, a rare occurrence as Sam and Chuck live four hours away from my home in Denver. My stomach jumps into my throat as I think about actually being able to hug Sam. I had not seen him face-to-face in over a year, though frequent phone calls kept us close. After a few hectic moments of spinning circles and clumsily weaving between confused vacationers in their desperate search for seats, I spot the ridiculous, neon orange hat. The two boys sit at the end of one of the dozens of long tables that line the cafeteria, sipping steaming cups of hot chocolate, probably mixed with the peppermint schnapps from the flask Chuck later informed me was tied to his leg. Their eyes follow me across the room. As I approach I focus all my energy on maintaining a laid back composure and, as a demonstration of just how cool I am, I give my head a quick jerk upwards throwing a half smile towards them, in the standard form of snowboarder greeting. Snowboarders have distinct characteristics, the most important of which is to remain “chill” in all situations. I know this act inside and out after four years of weekly ski trips: the slang, the gestures, the expressions, every detail even down to the way snowboarders walk. The
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Whitehouse 2 walk is obvious, because of sagging it is almost necessary to waddle in order to keep their pants from falling down to their knees. This walk can be spotted even off the mountain, since most of the boys carry the style with them. I, however, lose my snowboard swagger somewhere along I- 70 during the 90-minute commute home.
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Non-Fiction - Whitehouse 1 Anna Whitehouse Amanda...

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