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Pollard HST 103 November 19, 2009 China responds to the West Lord McCartney to China, 1792 to ask for the removal of Cantonization , goes home empty handed and angry, also asked for Chinese to favor the British. To shake the Chinese up British would pick up tea from China and sell it to the Indians, then pick up opium from India and flood the market in China with it, had previously been too expensive for the average person. The upper class became addicted 1799 Chinese Edict Against Opium Imports —Emperor outlawed it bc it was ruining their customs and morality. Gov officials destroyed opium brought by British ships. Emperor sent a letter to the British gov that the trade was fair, but it was harming Chinese productivity and moral and to please stop. They didn’t. 1839-1842: Opium Wars —Chinese sent a fleet of ships to Canton to drive out the British ships. The Chinese lost bc they didn’t have the modern naval technology to battle the Europeans. They had to sign 2 treaties. 1842: Treaty of Nanking/First "Unequal Treaty"
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