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Similarities and Differences Istanbul and China Both very proud Connected by trade—but different attitudes Chinese if you come to china you must become Chinese, saw themselves as far superior, expect kow tow or ceinesize Ottomans more accepting/welcoming of foreigners Both saw foreigners as inferior Both had a religion in the center of their governments Architecture is important to the ottomans Mosques and other religious architecture also civil architecture i.e. hospitality Intellectual life is also important to the ottomans Ottoman business style—traders Ottoman culture based on expanding, but after they conquer the land they leave it alone except that they tax it, but they aren’t forced to be Ottomans Neither tried to colonize China just tries to push the borders a little bit Chinese were very efficient and organized Scientific in shipbuilding and navigation Chinese resist change, arrogant, self-sufficient In both societies the emperor’s word is law Chinese want respect and trading partners, curious of others stuff
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Unformatted text preview: They don’t want to compromise their culture and traditions They don’t leave anyone behind to be polluted by outside cultures They don’t want overseas colonies, they don’t want slaves, didn’t want conflict Europeans and Non Europeans Portuguese want laborers for their plantations (modeled after the ottoman plantations) Euros don’t want to trade much with others they want their own stuff They are the underdogs, believed that god’s anger was shown by the success of the ottomans during catholic reformation They force their religion upon everyone else Euros and Chinese both want you to become like them Driven by the desire to catch up Euros and ottomans both want slaves, but ottomans figure it out much earlier The Africans had control in the first meetings, not the euros guns a blazing Dictate prices and supply, caught and sold their countrymen Europeans Try to colonize Do not respect other cultures (ie don’t bring translators)...
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