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Ottomans%20and%20the%20West - Pollard History 103 The...

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Pollard History 103 November 19, 2009 The Ottoman Empire and the West 1699 Treaty of Karlowitz —Ottomans forced to concede for the first time in history that Europe was better than them. Europeans were interested in weakening the Ottoman Empire and continuing trade but not conquering them. Ottomans begin to think differently after the treaty. Created a crisis of ego bc of the weakening of their power restorationists —wanted to restore the past, the solution to the present was a restoration of the past modernists —believed the west was doing something right so they should jump onboard Ahmed III (1703-30) the Tulip Age ( sent ambassadors abroad w/ gifts, usually tulip bulbs from Anatolia), for the first time he began sending Ottoman ambassadors to Europe, had never been interested in relations w/ Europe before. Europeans sent him music, clothes, cigarettes, novels. First time the Ottomans aquiested that the west’s time had come Selim III (1789-1807) decided to inaugurate a period of reform ( Nizam-I Jedid ), wanted
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