Transatlantic%20Revolutions - Pollard History 103 Outbreak...

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Pollard History 103 Outbreak of Political Revolutions in the Atlantic World, 1 October 22, 2009 Revolution means stopping at the same place it started What causes Latin American Independence: Latin America frustrated with the people across the pond controlling everything (absolutely under the thumb of the spanish monarchy) Enlightenment American Revolution French Revolution The Hatian Revolution After affects of the French revolution Revolutions with a view from Spanish America Peninsulares —European born, got the best of everything Creoles —Ben Franklin, new world born to peninsulares, frustrations bc they were still second class citizens Mestizos —mixed ancenstory, despite the increase in numbers their privileges did not, 1650 made up 10% of pop, in 1750 made up 40% of pop Native American and African American slaves 80% of economic output was agriculture Haciendas -- encomendero system ended by 1750 into private property, major mode of eco production, the people who owned property were very popular Beginnings of industry Obrajes —small cloth production shops, cotton into cloth Seville, Cádiz
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Transatlantic%20Revolutions - Pollard History 103 Outbreak...

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