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Pollard HST 103 Transatlantic Revolutions, #2 October 27 and 29, 2009 3 . 1789: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité Louis XVI (1754-1793) a Estates General: 5 May, 1789 National Assembly: 17 June, 1789 Storming of the Bastille: 14 May, 1789 March on Versailles: 6 October, 1791 17 April, 1792: Monarchy Abolished Insurrection of the 10 th of August, 1792 National Assembly, 1789-1791: Declaration of the Rights of Man 1792-1795: Radical Phase Girondins: 1792-3 the only problem they really solved was executing the king Jacobins 1793-4 couldn’t trust the monarchy bc it was allied with outside armies Sans-cullotttes stormed the convention, 2 june 1793, brought Jacobins to power The main difference btwn the two was organization, not ideology Dictatorship of two committees: public safety and general security By 1793 france was in a state of anarchy Law of 4 dec 1793 relaxed violence Thermidor, 1794-5 conservative or counter-rev phase 1794-5 Danton executed 5 spril 1794 Robespierre executed 23 1794 The rev swung to the right rule by the directory 1795-9 Frenchmen exhausted 17-40 thousand had died on the guillotine alone Didn’t know how to end the rev, it was chaos 1793-4: Reign of Terror Rule of the Directory, 1795-1799 Georges Danton (1759-1794) beneficiary of the new world, created new names from the months of the year, tried to cut all ties with the church, renamed it the temple of the supreme being peasants didn’t like him Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794) head of public safety Napoléon Bonaparte (r. 1799-1814) “emperor of france” French general, brought to power through the military (military dictator with French rev ideas) proclaimed himself the head of france, banished to island, not Ended rev w/o terror in 1799 Authority without a monarch, france had central gov Council of Vienna in 1814 found guilty of much destruction so they put a king (louis the 18 th ) back on the throne through 1824. Abolished again in 1830, total rev took another hundred years 1870ish Count Henri de Saint-Simon (1760-1825) & Charles Fourier (1772-1827) began to write
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TransatlanticRevolutions2 - Pollard HST 103 Transatlantic...

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