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WritingAssignment3 - wrote How was the proletariat the...

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Pollard HST 103 Second Writing Assignment This assignment asks you to use several sections of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels The Communist Manifesto in order to answer a question. You do not need to summarize. What you do need to do is 1. read each of the assigned sections of the Manifest o carefully in order to ascertain that the authors and editor are arguing and 2. use the question below to guide your reading. Come up with a thesis, and write a three to five-page essay in which you provide a strong argument and evidence to support that argument. You should provide at least one citation from each section in order to illustrate your point. Question: “How do we define the proletariat about which Marx and Engels
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Unformatted text preview: wrote? How was the proletariat the product of the Industrial Revolution? Is there still (according to the book’s editor, Phil Gasper) a proletariat? In other words, is The Communist Manifesto still relevant?” From Phil Gasper’s edited edition of The Communist Manifesto , read: Introduction: History’s Most Important Political Document Marxism in a Nutshell Preamble Part I Afterward: Is the Manife sto Still Relevant Your essay should be typed, double spaced, using 12-point font and observing 1-inch margins all around. To cite the texts, use the author’s last name and provide page number (Dunn, 219). Essays will be due when you come to take your final exam....
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